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NMX: Google+

January 14, 2013

I have to admit I was surprised to hear so much talk about Google+ at The New Media Expo (NMX) last week. It goes to show you that Google always has soemthing up its sleeve. I, and many others, are taking G+ at face value. Time to start paying more attention!  Here are my notes from Amanda Blain’s G+ presentation:

Google+ Facts

  • Google + 500 million users
  • 135 million active social
  • All G+ posts are indexed and searchable so your content can “live” a lot longer
  • People who circle you will see your content in searches first.

We need to stop thinking of G+ as a social network or a push marketing tool. It is about sharing interests and binding all of Google’s tools together.

Some ways companies are using G+

  • Travel companies give virtual tours with Hangouts
  • Live Cooking Shows
  • Groups cooking a meal together
  • Communities (just launched)

Google Authorship

  • Google’s attempt to stop your content from being reported from sites you are not affiliated with and to stop aggressive link building. Don’t want a site linking to your content that reflects poorly on you.
  • Must go by your real name, have a byline.
  • Click rates will increase with authorship – your content will be trusted and preferred by Google searches.
  • Only 10% of technology blogs have set up their authorship.
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