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Jingles are important!

July 6, 2012

I just returned from Kroger to purchase some last minute items for dinner tonight. To my surprise, I came across San Giorgio brand pasta. This is not something I normally find in NC, but my mind immediately went back to when I was child living on Long Island. San Giorgio pasta had a very memorable jingle, that went like,

“New York loves San Giorgio! Great spaghetti, in a great spaghetti town!”

The memory made me smile. I took a photo of the pasta with my iPhone and sent it to my mom. Then, I bought 3 times the amount that I actually needed for tonight!

A dear friend of mine who is no longer with us had a jingle for my website, Raleigh Specials Tonight. He simply put the words “Raleigh Specials Tonight” with the “Entertainment Tonight theme. It went like this:

“Raleigh Specials Tonight


Got some specials on sip, and there’s a special for youuuuu!”

There. Now you’ll never forget my site!  🙂 Thanks, Newman!

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