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Advice for restaurants listing specials on Raleigh Specials Tonight

February 15, 2011

Raleigh Specials Tonight is Raleigh Online Media’s first web creation and it gets thousands of hits each week. I get the information for the site through my own research or restaurants contacting me. Most restaurants rotate their drink specials seasonally, so I make every effort to update the specials quarterly. Here is some advice for restaurants listing specials on Raleigh Specials Tonight:

1) Inform your staff

I have been running this site since 2009 and the single biggest issue I run into is the staff not being aware of specials listed on their website or in email marketing campaigns. I recommend sharing all marketing materials with the staff and keeping an updated list of daily specials somewhere where everyone will see it. If a reader contacts me and tells me a special was not honored, I remove the special from the site until I get into contact with someone from the restaurant. More often than not, the special is valid, but the staff wasn’t informed.

2) Be sure your messaging is consistent across all marketing tools

If you are announcing a new special or an event, be sure your customers are getting the same message on your website and social networks. If you update a special on your Facebook page, be sure you update it on your website, your email list, etc. If you are looking for help with web content and social media tools, contact us .

3) Do something different

Almost every restaurant has Jager Bombs on special at least one day a week. Entice your customers into trying something new. Separate yourself from the pack and be the one place that has Dirty Manhattans on special!

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